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  $650 USD/MT CIF
Avail the best quality Whole Chicken from us. We are engaged in offering Boneless Whole Chicken and Frozen Whole Chicken of A grade quality. Whole Chicken offered by us is fresh and tender and has desirable aroma & taste. Whole Chicken is hygienically processed in clean and germ free area. Thus, one can be sure of getting healthy Whole Chicken from us. We have our own poultry, where hens and cocks are fed properly, so that there is no chance of getting any disease by them. They are completely healthy and their meat is safe to be consumed.
Ask the leading chefs around the globe and they will prefer Boneless Whole Chicken for several preparations. The reason being simple, Boneless Stuffed Chicken is generally fresh and one can prepare a number of delicacies from it. The soft, delicate Boneless Whole Chicken gives a wholesome experience that chicken parts cannot match.
Whole Frozen Chicken
Boneless Whole Chicken
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