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Refined Corn Oil 99.9 %
1) Appearance: clear and transparent
2) Free from foreign and rancid odors and tastes
3) Color: Y30, R2.2( according to customers' requirement to produce)

Physical-chemical indexes:
1) Moisture and volatile matter: 0.1% (max.)
2) Foreign matter: 0.05% (max.)
3) Acid value: 0.3mg (KOH/g) (max.)
4) Peroxide value: 10MEQ/kg (max.)
5) Cold test: clear and transparent (frozen for 5.5 hours at 0oC)
6) Un-saphonificated matter: Un-saphonificated matter
7) Smoking point: 220oC (min.)

Moisture and volatile matter 0.1% (max.)
Foreign matter 0.05% (max.)
Acid value 0.3mg (KOH/g) (max.)
Peroxide value 10MEQ/kg (max.)
Cold test clear and transparent (frozen for 5.5 hours at 0oC)
Un-saphonificated matter Un-saphonificated matter
Smoking point 220oC (min.)
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